The One With the Vacay…mmmkay?

At approximately five-o-clock Friday morning my husband will be leaving me to go on his Man Trip. To do manly things. Like fishing. And who knows what else. Mainly I suspect it will involve a lot of sleeping through the night. That bastard. What? Was that out loud? Sorry. Mostly…

Where was I? Oh yes. I will have all three children by myself. I am a teeny bit with the nervous. I can admit that. For some crazy reason, or as I now believe, a moment of lack of sleep induced madness, I told the boys I would take them to Fernbank. Madness. Sheer madness. I may or may not have told them they could invite their cousin. ‘Cause really, at that point what’s one more child? But that really could have been a conversation I was having with myself inside my head. I dunno. Guess we will have to wait and see! They love Fernbank and are so excited about going. I love that it’s air-conditioned. What? I live in the South. It’s already hotter than the hammered down hinges and it’s only May.(although we have had a couple of strange days where it has been rather cool.) I need to pick up a few things before we go. Namely, a baby carrier. Then I would have both hands free! See the genius there? See it? The girl is good.

The hubs had been making all the appropriate noises about how he will miss me, the kids, blah, blah, blah. But secretly I think he is excited to be able to do things by himself. That would probably include going potty by himself. The thought of that would be enough to send me into peals of rapture. And did I mention the sleeping? By himself? Not having to wake up and feed the baby? And the frickin’ sleeping? Although I really can’t complain. I am going out with my girlfriends next week AND I have a girl’s only trip planned for the Fall. That involves outlet malls and lots of SHOPPING. And a Coach store. That’s all I’m saying.

As long as he comes home with a present it’ll all be good. I do love me some tacky souvenirs.


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