Happy Birthday, Bub!

Dear Bub,

Today you are two years old. Two. Whole. Years. You are growing up so unbelievably fast. I swear time didn’t go by quite so quickly when your Bubba’s¬†were this small…or maybe it did. I dunno.

Two years ago today I was scheduled to have a c-section in the afternoon. In typical Bub fashion YOU decided that the date was fine. The time? Not so much. I went to bed and woke around five am with contractions. I called the doctor and they told me to come on in. About five minutes after I hung up my water broke and I knew that it was really time to go! Daddy drove me to the hospital and they checked me in super fast. And gave me drugs. Good ones. I was pretty out of it after that, but I do remember telling EVERYONE that “I love to be first!”. Which I do. And prolly¬†explains where YOU get that little trait from. Sheesh! Anyhoo, it all went pretty quickly after that and the next thing I remember is the doctor holding you up for me to see. You were so beautiful. And pink. And perfect in every way.

Fast forward two years…You are still beautiful. And pink. And perfect in every way. You have brought unimaginable joy to our lives. You are sweet and funny and so loving. Until you’re not because, hello, TERRIBLE TWO’s anyone?! Then you are a Devil Baby. And your favorite word is ” NO” and you tell whomever how the cows ate the cabbage. And they will rue the day they don’t take you seriously. And for the love of Pete, do NOT laugh. It’s not pretty. But I still do. Because all that toddler outrage is freakin’ hilarious!

I’m so proud of the big boy you are becoming. I love you. So, so much. You just keep on keepin’ on, Bub…
But maybe not so fast, ‘kay?

All our love,
Mama, Daddy, Nub and Dub