The Fambly Bucket List 2012…

Not to be confused with my own personal, rather small, Bucket List. Now that we’ve cleared that all up…and we are all on the same page I shall commence with the Fambly Bucket List. I totally borrowed this idea from my friend Zoot, not knowing at the time it was from her. I kept thinking the girl in the picture looked awfully familiar though. My ever astounding powers of observation are pretty magnificent, no?

1- Go to the Farmer’s Market

2- Have a water balloon fight.

3- Have a water gun fight.

4- Go to the dollar movies.

5- Name chalk art photos.

6- Go to a baseball game.

7- Camp out.

8- Sign up for the Summer Reading Program at the library.

9- Take a hike.

10- Make friendship bracelets.

11- Catch fireflies.

12- Watch fireworks.

13- Make homemade popsicles.

14- Go on a picnic.

15- Go to DQ for some ice cream.

16- Go to an outdoor concert.

17- Make a Summer Cake.

18- Go to the BEACH.

19- Visit the Ice Cream truck.

20- Star gaze.

21- Sparklers.

22- Play frisbee.

23- Tye dye our own t-shirts.

24- Fly a kite.

25- Plant some sunflowers.

26- Watch the 4th of July Parade.

27- Temporary tattoos.


And I think that oughta keep us busy for a little while.


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