Carte Blanche…

When we bought our house two years ago(tomorrow!) one of the things we liked best about it was the color of the walls. Every room was a lovely peanut buttery shade. Not too dark. Not too light. Just a pretty, neutral color. I was so excited. Our furniture looked gorgeous. I just knew it was absolutely perfect.

And then came the day I went to wipe off every day boy grime from the walls. And that lovely, perfect peanut buttery shade? Came right off. With NO scrubbing. Yep, you heard me. I literally wiped the freakin’ wall. To say I was rather unhappy would be putting it mildly. Turns out the inside of our entire house was painted with the wrong paint. You can’t even look at it cross-eyed without paint coming off the damn wall. Seriously.

So for the fast few months(fine, six months.) I’ve been taping various paint samples to the dining room walls. And pulling them down. And putting them back up again. I have decided on the colors I want to use eleventy bajillion times. At least. I know I want a dark brown for the kitchen. And green for the boy’s room. After that? Well, that’s where I run into the trouble. The hubs is no help because he has given me, wait for it, yep…carte blanche. I have begged, pleaded, cried and tried using my feminine wiles to no avail. He will not be swayed in his determination to have nothing to do with the choice of paint colors. The man is making me crazy. Obviously I cannot be trusted to make these kind of decisions myself. What’s a girl gotta do to get a little help around here? Sheesh…

But y’all, it has rapidly reached a point where we need to start painting. I feel like it looks trashy. And I can’t take it anymore. Next week this Mama is taking her crazy self down to Lowe’s and throwing herself on the mercy of the Paint Department.

And I’m bringing my wiles with me…


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