The One With The Mean Boy..

Being a parent is never easy. Being a parent of a special needs child isn’t any easier. It is fraught with unknown perils and daily difficulties. I’m not asking for hero cookies, I’m simply stating a fact. I do my very best every single day to ensure that I am raising these crazy chirrens of mine to be kind, polite, and well adjusted little people. And it ain’t easy. But I do what I can. If only other parents tried to do the same. What a world that would be, eh?

Nub is again playing Rec Ball, whilst Dub is playing Soccer. So far, it’s been pretty awesome. In spite of both of them losing every game, and Dub having to forfeit two games(I’m also the Coach of Dub’s team. Do NOT get me started on THAT particular drama. One blog post at a times , y’all.). Tonight, Nub had a game in a neighboring town. A town neither the hubs or I are terribly fond of to begin with. To say that the parents of said team are less than stellar in their sportsmanship would be putting it mildly. The officials? Yeah, not much better. Which I really don’t get. Aren’t we supposed to be teaching our little sweetums about love of the game AND good sportsmanship? Or is that just me? That might be a whole ‘nother blog post too.

Nub’s team played very well. Or most of them did. At one point, we were kicking butt and taking names! We even had the lead. For like a whole inning. And then it sort of got a little ugly. Some missed plays, a couple of iffy calls…you know the drill. But! Redemption was at hand. Our best batters were coming up in our line-up. We could taste victory. We could feel it.

Except not so much. Pitches that were balls were suddenly called strikes. And before you could say The Natural, we were done. We lost. Yet again. And not to a team that was any better than us. But to a team that got lucky. I see that more and more, when it comes to games out of town. It is really upsetting to me. There is NO ONE who loves baseball more than me. Well, except maybe my mama and diddy. But I’m the first person to take the good with the bad. If a call is fair, I accept that. Same goes when it’s not. Period. So it’s doubly hard to take to see these really crappy calls and NOT be upset. I just don’t get it. I really don’t.

And now to the part of the story that REALLY pissed me off. As Nub was getting in the car he told us that one boy on the team told him that he was to blame for them losing the game. That it was all his fault. EXCUSE ME? Who in the hell does this boy think he is? I was pissed. I’m still pissed. I marched him right up to his coaches and told him to tell them what he just told me. You should have seen the looks of horror and shame on their faces. They were so quick to reassure him that simply wasn’t the case. That he made an excellent play at a crucial point in the game(true!) and that he was getting so much better at batting(again, also true!) and just how proud they were of him. But y’all? He was crushed. He was trying so hard not to cry when he told them. It broke my heart into a million pieces. He believed that little mean shit. Completely. Until his coaches told him otherwise. And I’m not completely convinced he does believe it. I think there will be repercussions. Maybe not today, but soon.

And I am fully prepared to deal with that. Because it’s what I do. I am Mama…Hear me roar…