Acne, Aging and Hot Flashes…Oh My.

I turned 39 this year. And I’m completely fine with that. Truly. I’ve always been the kind of girl who loves her birthday. I start a countdown on May 26th. Seriously. And there might even be a song. Which, unless you are a member of my immediate family, you will not have the pleasure of hearing any time soon. It’s that good.

Anyhoozle, so the getting older thing really does not faze me. I’m not a sun worshipper, in fact I fry like a chicken at pretty much the mention of the word sun. True story, y’all. I don’t feel like I look 39. And I have been told, numerous times and by people who are not in fact related to me, that I easily pass for early 30’s. Not that I’m vain, or anything. Much. I just think it’s a good thing. I try really hard to take care of my skin. I moisturize fiendishly. I’m careful with what I use on it. I generally try to be as loving as I can, especially to my face. It’s delicate, y’all. You have to treat it as such. Stop laughing. I’m serious. Cow.

So imagine my horror upon awakening one day last week, only to discover the MUTHA of all breakouts. Over my entire face. Apparently, my face missed the memo about turning 39. I don’t think it was this bad when I was 13. I tried for several days to get rid of it without having to resort to the bad stuff. But it would not go away. So I broke down and bought a “Cleansing System”. Which dries my face out something fierce. I get that’s prolly the whole point. But good grief. The Sahara has more moisture in it than my face does. It is working though. And you have no idea how happy that makes me. A couple more days of it and I can go out in public again! Kidding. I’ve been out. I’ve not been thrilled about being out, but I have been out and about.

I think part of the reason my face went so cray cray would be the recent surge in hot flashes and hormones. I am a complete lunatic over here. Before you say it, no I am not too young for hot flashes. All the women in my family go through menopause early. Good freaking times. Fair skin, big boobs and early menopause. Helluva combo, right? I’m in the midst of researching natural remedies, etc. I’m taking an OTC pill my mother recommended, it’s still too early to tell if it’s really working. We shall see…

It’s a party over here every day, y’all. Who’s in charge of the dip?


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