Ready or Not…

We made a decision in the Fall that my husband would go back to school for his Paramedic license when the course started in February of this year. Rather than wait a year and get some experience as an EMT, which was the plan all along. Funny thing about plans…

My husband began his journey on becoming an EMT with the thought of finding a good job, with regular hours, and something that he actually enjoyed doing. He wanted to work a 24 hour shift, and then be off 48 hours. He determined pretty quickly he didn’t want to just do transport. That wasn’t what he became an EMT for. And then we discovered that he would need to become an EMT Advanced because he couldn’t get a license for EMT. So he went back to school. It only took a few months. He passed Registry(Again!) and began job hunting. Only to discover that the one ambulance company that he wanted to work for was about to go under from a lawsuit. Good times.

Hence the decision to begin school in February. Except it’s not actually February. It’s next Wednesday. Hahahahahahaha. It’s one hurdle after another. But we keep facing them, together. And overcoming them, together. It’s almost like it’s a test. To see if this is really and truly what he wants to do. I know that it is. He knows that it is. He’s so passionate about this. He has finally found his niche. And I’m so proud of him. He’s working full time, going to school twice a week and being involved in Scouts with Nub. All while I stay home with our boys.

Yep, 2014 is definitely gonna be our year. Ready or Not…here we come!


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