Being A Grown Up Blows…

Very rarely do I ever wish to revert back to childhood and those carefree days where my biggest worry involved getting the newest Barbie. Except for days like today. Days where you discover the parent of one of your dearest friends unexpectedly passed away. And you are just gobsmacked with grief and sorrow.

Days like this? Blow. Because you have to do grown up things like call his wife and say all those meaningless words you say when someone you love dies. I hate that. I never feel like I say the right things, but I say them anyway. I feel like it’s maybe not quite so much what you say, just that you’re saying it. And listening to them talk about their grief. Just being there. In that moment, with them.

The viewing is tonight and my husband is paying our respects on his way to work. The funeral is in the morning and I’ve already made arrangements to drop Bub off at his grandparents so I can attend the funeral. Because that’s also part of being a grown up. My least favorite part. But that’s what you do. You pay your respects and show your love and support for the family.

And I have a lot of love and respect for this family. So I will be there. Because it isn’t really about me anyway. Even though it’s hard and I’d much rather be worrying about the newest Barbie.


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