Hey Y’all! My name is Jenny. I am the mama of three wild maniacs, Nub,Dub and now Bub. I love them more than anything in the whole, wide world. Except maybe the USC Trojans. Kidding! They are the best things to have ever happened to me. Next to having met their Daddy, of course…

I love cooking, Harry Potter, dragging my poor husband to yard sales, THE USC TROJANS, anything involving chocolate,watching college football, reading, smooching on pink bellies, and kicking some major butt while playing Trivial Pursuit. I am opinionated, sometimes loud, loving, loyal to a fault and nuttier than a fruitcake.

This is my life. You can follow along if you like…

**edited 3/29/14**
I love my About page and I didn’t want to change it, but I also just realized there’s no mention of Autism and it’s role in our lives. Nub was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in May of 2012. It came completely out of left field. Looking back, and knowing what I know now? Yeah, it shouldn’t have. He is textbook Asperger’s. I’ve done hours upon hours of research. I’m not an expert, by any means. But I know what I know. And I am continually learning everything I can to be a better advocate for Nub. I talk about all sorts of stuff here. Not just Autism. And I have a potty mouth. Just so you know! Thanks for stopping by…


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Love the “About” page. I looked for instructions, but alas.

    I favor the REAL USC! Go Cocks!

    Great blog, I am already a big fan.


  2. jenny626 says:

    Thanks! The other one is now up and running too- http://heybigspendah.wordpress.com

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