It’s All Fun and Games…

My intentions of writing every day during the Summer, during my free time, went completely the way of the dodo. Looking back? I believe it would have a little something to do with Bub breaking his arm right before school let out. Le sigh…

Yep, poor kid spent most of the Summer in a cast. And not just one cast either. He had FIVE. Yes, you read that correctly. The Boy Child had FIVE different casts. Seven, if you count the two different temporary ones. Imma just stick with the fiberglass casts though. And it was hard enough keeping that one dry. Because of course we had a camping trip planned. And of course we were camping right next to a creek. And naturally it had to rain. Would you believe my nerves were shot to hell by the end of that trip?! So, cast #1 got wet(think Nub) and of course this couldn’t have happened during office hours so it required a trip to the ER. Now, this first cast was almost to his shoulder so he was pretty pitiful looking. Cast #2 came off and a shorter cast took its place. Cast #3 came off after Bub decided to put a penny AND a fake gem down in whilst at Twilight Camp. We were feeling pretty confident that Cast #4 was gonna be the last one right up until the Doc ordered Cast #5 because the break wasn’t fully healed. At which point I just started to laugh. Being the mama of three boys ain’t for wimps, y’all.

Fast forward two weeks and the cast is removed! Mass celebrations ensue. Vast and complicated Water Wars are plotted and executed. There’s talk of a quick beach trip. Or even just the pool. All those lovely plans went up in smoke the night Nub slammed Dub’s pinky in the door, and (wait for it) broke it. Bonus points to those of you who guessed correctly that of course this took place after office hours requiring the usual trip to the ER. Now this happens to be the same exact pinky that Dub broke last Fall when Bub slammed it in the door. But it’s a different spot. And a different door as well. In the interest of keeping all the facts straight. So we go to our Ortho, the one that I swear I am singlehandedly helping put his children through college, and he gives us the awesome news that he will not have to repair the break by placing pins in the break. Which is awesome news, and also slightly unexpected, because hello…pins? WHAT? I shake off that little freak out just in time to hear him say those six magical words every parent dreads. You can pick out your color. Gah. Another cast. And the end of all our fleeting, last-of-Summer dreams.

It’s been a long Summer, y’all. To say the least. Add in a weekly therapy session for Bub and a new job for the hubs? Pure insanity, y’all. Definitely not how I envisioned spending the last little bit of time we had together before school started. The best laid plans and all that. Them’s the breaks (see what I did there? I got jokes.) when you are the mama of three rough and tumble boys.

You know I wouldn’t have it any other way.


The Absence of April…

April was not my favorite month, as months go. The weather was crazy. It’s cold, it’s hot. It’s hot, it’s cold. And just for fun, let’s throw in some nasty thunderstorms that have the potential for tornadoes. I’m an Autism Mama, I already have nutty sleep patterns. I don’t need potential anything addin’ to it, y’all. I stayed up all night watchin’ the news. In my particular area I think we got lucky. By the grace of God. It looks like this year’s Tornado Season may be a rough one.


In other news, we also started testing Bub for Autism. I’m pretty sure that’s gonna be a whole other post right there. But honestly? I’m just not quite ready to write it. I’m just not. 


We did start our garden though! Seven tomato plants, people. Seven. I am determined to have some ‘maters this year. Even if it kills me dead. And…I think I may have solved my Tomato Worm Dilema. Word on the street is DILL. Yep, I planted Dill in between all my tomatoes to discourage those dern worms. We’ll see if it works. Dern worms.

Summer Update!

Wow. I suck. I’m not really sure where the time has gone, but I really did mean to post an update about Nub’s Asperger’s and various other things. None of which I remember. So you’ll just have to take my word on it that they were cool. And fun. The best laid plans and all that, I suppose. Gah. Anyhoo, on to the updates…

We officially received a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome the first part of May. And while it didn’t really come as a big shock to us, it was still difficult to see the words in black and white for the first time. It was also suggested that we switch Nub to a Gluten Free diet in order to help with his lack of focus. I met with the pediatrician and he agreed. I’m sorry, but I can’t put my eight year old son on psychotropic drugs. He’s EIGHT. So not an option. Thankfully, his pediatrician and his team at school agree with us. So that is one less thing to worry about. I’ve been reading(we all have actually, grandparents included!) and doing tons of research on Asperger’s and gluten free diets. I feel pretty comfortable with both, as of right now anyway. Without sounding like I’m tooting my own horn, I am a pretty good cook and I enjoy it immensely. So I’m looking forward to new recipes and the challenge of creating yummy new dishes for us to try. As for Nub? He seems pretty matter of fact about having Autism. Which is good. It doesn’t change anything about who he is as a person. He is still my same sweet, funny boy. He just sees things a bit differently than we do. And that’s fine too. We signed him up for baseball(and Dub played soccer) at our local rec center. At first we were a little worried about how he would do. He LOVED it! And he was pretty good at it too. His coaches were amazing and so patient and kind. They won only two games, but that didn’t stop him from having a blast at each game. He was so excited to receive the final game ball for Most Improved Player. You could have seen the smile on his face from the moon! I cried(and I may have teared up a wee bit whilst typing this). All in all it was quite a successful season. And we look forward to doing it all over again in the Fall.

Moving on to other news…I am officially the proud mama of a third grader AND a first grader. ZOIKS! I don’t even want to think about the fact that in just two short years I will be completely chirren free during the day. Lalalalalalalalala, I am not thinking about you Worst Day Ever. Seriously. Shut up. Dub is VERY pleased with himself because he is not a baby anymore. He is in first grade. Serious bidness, y’all. And Bub is just happy to have his “Bubbies” to play with every day. We have lots of fun stuff planned for the Summer, including a trip to the BEACH. Which is desperately needed right about now. I can’t remember the last time we actually went on vacation. Sad. But totally true. Although I also can’t remember what I did last week. Gah.

So there you have it. An actual post. From me. I know, right?! And now if you’ll excuse me, I have some Curious George to watch…

Happy Birthday, Bub!

Dear Bub,

Today you are two years old. Two. Whole. Years. You are growing up so unbelievably fast. I swear time didn’t go by quite so quickly when your Bubba’s were this small…or maybe it did. I dunno.

Two years ago today I was scheduled to have a c-section in the afternoon. In typical Bub fashion YOU decided that the date was fine. The time? Not so much. I went to bed and woke around five am with contractions. I called the doctor and they told me to come on in. About five minutes after I hung up my water broke and I knew that it was really time to go! Daddy drove me to the hospital and they checked me in super fast. And gave me drugs. Good ones. I was pretty out of it after that, but I do remember telling EVERYONE that “I love to be first!”. Which I do. And prolly explains where YOU get that little trait from. Sheesh! Anyhoo, it all went pretty quickly after that and the next thing I remember is the doctor holding you up for me to see. You were so beautiful. And pink. And perfect in every way.

Fast forward two years…You are still beautiful. And pink. And perfect in every way. You have brought unimaginable joy to our lives. You are sweet and funny and so loving. Until you’re not because, hello, TERRIBLE TWO’s anyone?! Then you are a Devil Baby. And your favorite word is ” NO” and you tell whomever how the cows ate the cabbage. And they will rue the day they don’t take you seriously. And for the love of Pete, do NOT laugh. It’s not pretty. But I still do. Because all that toddler outrage is freakin’ hilarious!

I’m so proud of the big boy you are becoming. I love you. So, so much. You just keep on keepin’ on, Bub…
But maybe not so fast, ‘kay?

All our love,
Mama, Daddy, Nub and Dub

He’s HERE…….

And um, has been here for five weeks. Yes, I know.

I believe I shall blame it on the c-section. And the drugs. Dear lord, the drugs. The percocet were my favorite. Ditto the morphine drip…

The c-section went as planned, except for one teeny, tiny thing. I actually went into labor around 4am that morning. And my water broke shortly after 6am. Good times! So instead of having Bub sometime after 2pm he made his appearance at 9:20am! I was the first c-section of the day. I do LOVE to be first. I actually told the doctor that in my drugged out haze. Seriously. And maybe some of the nurses. And possibly the anesthesiologist. WHAT? I just told you I love to be first.

And Bub turned out to only be a bit over 9 pounds. Crazy. He was 20 inches long and had a ton of brown hair. Which I already knew he would, because HELLO! HEARTBURN! People may say it is an old wives’ tale but I am here to tell you it is absolutely true. All three boys had hair. Nub had so much hair when he was born it looked like he came out wearin’ a toupee. No lie. I may not of given my mama girl grandbabies, but at least I gave her grandbabies with hair to brush!

Now, y’all don’t hate me, but Bub is the best bebe ever. He is a good sleeper and he eats like a champ. He already smiles and coos. He’s a heartbreaker that one. Nub and Dub are fascinated with him. Nub especially. He sits and talks to him every day. And Bub listens! Nub was one of the first people who Bub smiled at. Such a good baby. I am blessed. And sad that he is my last baby. Three is apparently my magic number. So if you don’t see me quite so much, well I’m learning how to be a mama to three boys.

And I’m busy smoochin’ on pink bellies…