I forgot to post yesterday. I suppose it has been made more difficult by the fact that our computer is still at my parent’s house…


I’m still going to post. I miss it.


NaBloPoMo ’08…

You know I can’t resist it’s siren song. Or maybe it’s the challenge of posting every single day. Whatever the reason, I have to admit to loving NaBloPoMo just a little more than the average bear.

This year I want to delve a little deeper than I normally do. I have already been thinking about the subjects I will be writing about and I am pretty dang excited. So y’all come on back.

And? GO TROJANS!!!!!!!!!

Moving On…

Taking a quick break to let y’all know it is going well. As well as moving can, anyway!

And, we also have a new addition to our family. Sadie the Dog joined our ranks last night. She was quite the hit of the show! I’ll post pictures as soon as I can.

Gotta get back to the ol’ grind. More deets to follow!



What Have I Done?

I have got to stop getting wild hairs. Gulp. I changed my site. To WordPress. I have wanted a change for awhile, but didn’t want to lose all my old posts. Then I found out I could transfer them to my new blog. 

So I did. It was interesting, to say the least. And more than a little terrifying. But it is officially done.

Y’all may have to give me a little bit to get my links back up and running. I don’t have the foggiest idea what in the hell I am doing. But I’m learning…