Different, Not Less…

Thank you, Temple Grandin. Truer words were never spoken.

I wish other children could see what I see when I look at Nub. It breaks my heart that no one wants to play with him. Or eat lunch with him. They think he’s weird. He is ridiculously bright and I guess that intimidates them. I understand that. To a point. What I don’t understand? Their mean, nasty behaviour towards someone who is different from them. I know that children will be cruel. I get that. But it truly baffles me. Why would you let your child behave that way to another child? Or anyone for that matter?

We have always taught our children that bullying another child, or being cruel, is unacceptable behaviour. Period. They know that they are not allowed to put their hands on anyone. Or to start fights. Now, if someone starts a fight with them then they have our permission to wipe the floor with their ass. Not politically correct, but I don’t care. I’m finding it rather difficult to comprehend why other children think that it’s okay to hit my children. Seriously. What the fuck are these parents doing? ‘Cause it damn sure isn’t being a good parent. Gah.

I have some friends who have children on the Spectrum and I’m hoping to be able to get together with them during Thanksgiving Break. I have one in particular who doesn’t live far, and I think her son and Nub would really hit it off. I hope they hit it off. I’m kind of at my wit’s end when it comes to finding him a pal.

Keep your fingers crossed this works.


Heart and Soul…

Yesterday was a terrible day for Nub. And the rest of us. I was feeling pretty low and decided to pour my heart out on my blog. It took me an hour. AN HOUR. I cried. I erased some of it. Then put it back. And erased it yet again. Just when it was all perfectly dramatical I hit publish.

And it disappeared. At which point I cried some more. I don’t think I can recreate it. The moment has passed. And I’m not feeling it today, so I don’t think it would be the same. Sigh…

It did make me feel better though. I also realized just how much I miss writing on my blog. Yes, I know. I’ve said that eleventy┬ábajillion┬átimes before. At least. Doesn’t make it any less true. Trying to find time to write hasn’t really been a priority. I’ve been busy with the boys and dealing with Nub’s Asperger’s the best way I can. I’m in Mama Mode hardcore. Which is all well and good. But I need to be in Me Mode too. Finding a way to carve out a little slice of time for myself needs to be something I do every day. Even if it’s only a few minutes.

I think it would make everyone happier in the long run.