The Absence of April…

April was not my favorite month, as months go. The weather was crazy. It’s cold, it’s hot. It’s hot, it’s cold. And just for fun, let’s throw in some nasty thunderstorms that have the potential for tornadoes. I’m an Autism Mama, I already have nutty sleep patterns. I don’t need potential anything addin’ to it, y’all. I stayed up all night watchin’ the news. In my particular area I think we got lucky. By the grace of God. It looks like this year’s Tornado Season may be a rough one.


In other news, we also started testing Bub for Autism. I’m pretty sure that’s gonna be a whole other post right there. But honestly? I’m just not quite ready to write it. I’m just not. 


We did start our garden though! Seven tomato plants, people. Seven. I am determined to have some ‘maters this year. Even if it kills me dead. And…I think I may have solved my Tomato Worm Dilema. Word on the street is DILL. Yep, I planted Dill in between all my tomatoes to discourage those dern worms. We’ll see if it works. Dern worms.



For some ridiculous reason I still get nervous when it comes to Nub’ s IEP. Yep, it’s that time of year again. The dreaded IEP. But honestly? His team and school freaking rock. His soon-to-be 5th grade teacher has already requested he be in her class. Like back in the Fall. Seriously. He is beloved by the staff at his school, and most of his class. It helps tremendously in fostering his sense of confidence in his surroundings.


That having been said, he only has one more year there. And then we move on to middle school. I think perhaps the one saving grace is that all the children from his elementary school will also move up with him. Other than that? Unchartered waters, y’all. I know one sixth grade teacher. That’s it. One.


We don’t do well with change. Or transitions. I’ve started talking to him about it because anytime ANYTHING changes in his routine it’s best to begin talking about said change as soon as possible. And as often as possible. During the academic year they have Math/Science Nights at the middle school and I think that might help him to familiarize himself with his new surroundings. I’ll do whatever it takes. I am Mama, hear me roar and all that.


I’m also slightly worried about whether he’ll continue to be mainstream, with a para or classified as special ed. He’s unbelievably smart and he needs to be challenged constantly. I worry they won’t be prepared enough for him. And I’m worried about Common Core and how that will affect him. I have a list of questions a mile long, y’all. At least. I’m going into this meeting as prepared as I can possibly be. It’s my job. If I don’t advocate for my son, who will?


I got this, y’all. Just sayin’…Image

The One With The Autism…

For the past two days my newsfeed has been going crazy with stories, articles, status updates and comments about Jenny McCarthy. I do not know Jenny McCarthy. We’ve never met. Quite frankly, I have no desire to meet her. We have nothing in common. I’m not famous for ridiculous reasons, or any reason really. I’m just a mama of three boys, one of whom has Autism. Asperger’s, to be exact.

I’m not going to get into any debates with anyone over vaccines, or causes of Autism. I’m just not. I’ve been researching Autism ever since our school psychologist uttered the words that ultimately changed our lives, a little over two years ago. We think your son has Asperger’s. It’s a form of Autism. It’s still painful to see those words in black and white, on my screen. It’s painful to say them. Being given a possible diagnosis of Autism is difficult. And so very overwhelming. There are forms upon forms. Tests. More forms. And so much information to process. It’s dizzying. Having a circle of friends who had already been through the process really helped.

What does NOT help? Jenny McCarthy and her foolishness. Nub has Autism. He will not “grow out of it”. He does not need to be “cured”. He is not “broken”. He does not need to be “fixed”. He needs to be loved and accepted for exactly who he is. Nub. My sweet, funny, quirky boy. A boy who wants to be your child’s friend. A boy who doesn’t want to be bullied just because he is different. Different, not less. Never less.

I don’t enjoy hearing about Jenny McCarthy. Nor do I much enjoy talking about her. So this will most likely be the last time I ever mention her. The damage she has done to the Autism community is palpable. Not to mention the fear she instilled into the hearts and minds of parents the world over. I’m sorry, but fear doesn’t equal awareness. Fear is fear. And that I cannot get behind.

Being an Autism parent is hard enough without us turning on each other. And it’s harder still when you read comments from people who still believe what she said. Even though her son never had Autism to begin with. Please, do your own research. Form your own opinions based on that research. Figure out what works best for your kid. Because you know your child best. Not some “celebrity” who clearly has no idea what she is talking about. Learn everything you can. And don’t ever stop.

I am his voice, and he is my heart. Period. I will never stop fighting for him.