He’s HERE…….

And um, has been here for five weeks. Yes, I know.

I believe I shall blame it on the c-section. And the drugs. Dear lord, the drugs. The percocet were my favorite. Ditto the morphine drip…

The c-section went as planned, except for one teeny, tiny thing. I actually went into labor around 4am that morning. And my water broke shortly after 6am. Good times! So instead of having Bub sometime after 2pm he made his appearance at 9:20am! I was the first c-section of the day. I do LOVE to be first. I actually told the doctor that in my drugged out haze. Seriously. And maybe some of the nurses. And possibly the anesthesiologist. WHAT? I just told you I love to be first.

And Bub turned out to only be a bit over 9 pounds. Crazy. He was 20 inches long and had a ton of brown hair. Which I already knew he would, because HELLO! HEARTBURN! People may say it is an old wives’ tale but I am here to tell you it is absolutely true. All three boys had hair. Nub had so much hair when he was born it looked like he came out wearin’ a toupee. No lie. I may not of given my mama girl grandbabies, but at least I gave her grandbabies with hair to brush!

Now, y’all don’t hate me, but Bub is the best bebe ever. He is a good sleeper and he eats like a champ. He already smiles and coos. He’s a heartbreaker that one. Nub and Dub are fascinated with him. Nub especially. He sits and talks to him every day. And Bub listens! Nub was one of the first people who Bub smiled at. Such a good baby. I am blessed. And sad that he is my last baby. Three is apparently my magic number. So if you don’t see me quite so much, well I’m learning how to be a mama to three boys.

And I’m busy smoochin’ on pink bellies…


The Top Ten Reasons Why I am Sucking it Right Now…

1* I am largely knocked up. Seriously. The kid already weighs 7lb,14oz. At 35 weeks.

2* My brain is just shot all to hell and back. It’s so bad that when I actually got a question right on Jeopardy last night my father about fell off the couch. Sadly, that is NOT an exaggeration.

3* For the first time in my life I don’t feel like talking. I KNOW.

4* I feel like I am hunkered down in baby- having- mode, whatever that means.

5* I’m also kinda stressed out. Jimmy might lose his job. Again. In about two to three weeks. Just in time for me to have the baby. Isn’t that hilarious? Don’t you just want to laugh at the absolute fucking absurdity of it? He may be able to get on with another part of the company(it’s an involved story, but I will tell you that it is a merger gone slightly wonky), but that would involve being transferred. Which would be fine, except I am pregnant and we would also have to have my parents move with us. Again with the hilarity. Gah.

6* I am tired. All the times. And if I’m not tired then I am peeing.

7* I am a raging bitch. Seriously. I don’t need to be allowed out of the house. And god help the next person who parks in a Pregnant Woman Only parking spot because it is liable to get ugly up in here real quick.

8* Did I mention that I am large?

9* I am also lazy. I can not get motivated to save my life. I’m hoping that nesting kicks in soon so I can get some stuff done.

10* I am going to two different doctors twice a week now and I am so confused that I just don’t know if I am coming or going half the time. It would make far too much sense to see them both on the same day. But them’s the breaks.

Okay, now you have some sort of idea where I’ve been(the doctors) and what I’ve been doing(raging at poor unsuspecting drivers and nothing). I’m sure that I will be better about updating once the bebe arrives…maybe. Probably. Oh, who am I kidding? I’ll probably still be sucking it, but at least now you’ll know why!


I feel like a lot of the rest of you must feel, lots to do and very little time to do it. The weather lately has not helped at all. Apparently, that lovely trend will continue because they are now calling for the possibility of three inches of the white stuff. Gah. On the bright side, Nub is out of school this week(or most of it) for Winter Break so it shouldn’t affect his Spring Break. Hopefully. ‘Cause this mama has plans that involve the beach, baby.

But that brings me to the rest of the story. I’m not getting a lot done around here because I am entertaining/refereeing an extra child during the day. Plus, I am gigantically pregnant. Okay, 34 weeks. But, still… And if that weren’t enough, I am going to three different doctors. Did I mention that I was pregnant and half the time don’t know if I’m coming or going anyway?! Unfortunately that last sentence has more truth than poetry in it.

The end is near,however faint that light at the end of the pregnancy tunnel may be. My shower is next weekend. Shut it. It’s been FOUR YEARS since I had a baby. I gave away all my stuff. Sue me. We have a crib, and some clothes. I’m only feeling slightly panicky. Okay, maybe more than slightly. But it’s not full-blown yet.

Gettin’ My Ducks In A Row…

I swear y’all, this baby is going to be here before I know it and I haven’t done jack to get ready. Well, not completely true. I do have a Boppy and a tub. See! Gah. I just hate,hate,hate NOT knowing the gender of this child. I have all sorts of ideas for the nursery and nothing…

However, I have decided to rectify that. Starting next weekend. I am going baby shopping. I am gonna by some gowns and onesies if it is the last thing I do. And diapers. Let’s not forget the diapers. That is gonna be a little strange. I haven’t had to buy diapers in well over a year. I was trying to talk Jimmy into cloth diapers but he ain’t havin’ it. Selfish…

I know I promised an explanation and I’m working on one. Truly. It’s still a little too fresh in my mind to be rehashing it all. Especially since I am still living with it on a daily basis. That is not a complaint. I am grateful. More than you can know. I need more time. You can understand that right?

Operation Knocked Up…

Negatory, Ghost Rider, the pattern is full.

Well. Did you really expect it to happen so soon? And with the living at the ‘Rents house? In my old bedroom across the hall? Sharing a room with the boys?

There’s always next month. I would say wish me luck, but I am not sure what it is I should be wished. Fertility? Stamina? Bendiness? TMI?

Whatever it is, wish it to me. I got a powerful hankerin’ for another baby.

Edited to add- According to the Chinese Lunar calendar, I need to become pregnant later this month in order for it to be a girl. Which is theoretically possible. No pressure.

Otherwise I have to wait until APRIL of 2009 for my next chance at having a girl. Jeez. Anyone else have any other methods,ideas they would be willing to share? I really want a girl this time.

Operation Knocked Up…

************ possible TMI alert ************

It is official. I went to my OB/GYN this afternoon and had my IUD removed. We now have the green light, as it were, to begin making another baby. Our third baby. Can I get a WOOT!WOOT! ?

Well, not actually tonight. I am a little crampy and uncomfortable. Maybe tomorrow. On the bright side? It does not hurt at all to have it removed. In fact it literally took about two minutes. Seriously.

So now we wait.

And maybe begin discussing baby names. Or is that too soon?