Drama, Drama, Drama…


I really, really, REALLY need to remember this little jewel.

Because honestly? Some of you people out there are nuttier than a fruitcake. And so not in the fun Dharma-esque way. Which is the epitome of ridiculousness when you consider the fact that we are all middle aged. But whatevs.

Imma be all not my circus, not my monkeys, man…

See what I did there?


Wal*Greens, You Are Dead To Me…

Dear Wal*Greens,

Over the past few years I have given you many chances to reclaim my love. Which is something I almost never do. I gave you another try even after you lost my wedding pictures. That’s right, my wedding pictures. The sad thing is that you didn’t even seem all that sorry at the time.

During this, apparently, one-sided relationship I have overlooked rude employees, snotty managers, and a basic lack of any of your sale items. I have endured jacked-up prices and long waits at your pharmacy. All of this while attempting to keep some teeny,tiny shred of the love we once shared.

That ends today. Or rather, yesterday. I needed cough medicine for Nub. Against my better judgement I decided to stop by Wal*Greens because it is across the street from where I work. And I was running a little late. Naturally, the store was in the middle of some type of inventory. In the, you guessed it, Cold & Flu aisle. After finally locating the appropriate cough medicine I headed to the cashier. While in line I noticed it doesn’t give the dose for 4 year olds. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. I figured I would just run on back to the Pharmacy and ask the Pharmacist for the correct dosage. I thought I knew what it was, but I don’t like to assume anything where medicine is concerned. I pay for my item and wander back to the Pharmacy. I stand at Patient Consultation and wait for the Pharmacist to acknowledge me. Which she does not. She looks right at me and does or says nothing. Not, ” Hey, be right with ya”, or even ” Bitch, please”. Nothing . I wait a minute more and then I say ” Hey, I just have a quick question for you”. She informs me she will be right with me. I say no problem. She finishes the prescription she is working on and calls the person to the back. This would be the part where I got pissed. She then starts filling another prescription. Without answering my question. Which would have taken all of about, oh I don’t know, FIVE SECONDS. I am pretty mad by this point. I pick up my bottle of cough medicine and walk out the door.

And out of your life, Wal*Greens. Forever. You are dead to me.


                                                            No Longer Your Lovah