I No Longer Heart The Falcons…

I can put up with a lot of things. Losing seasons. Embarassing, not to mention illegal, dog-fighting charges( and also just wrong and horribly cruel to those poor dogs, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.), and general jackass behavior.

But what I cannot put up with is the loss of one of our most beloved players. For NO GOOD REASON. Warrick Dunn was “released” from the Atlanta Falcons. One of our top players. A fan favorite for years. A true gentleman, on and off the field. And consistently one of our best players. This came on the heels of the loss of Alge Crumpler and Rod “The Bod” Coleman. I am flabbergasted. Betrayed. Bewildered.

So, I will no longer be rooting for the Falcons. I will be switching my allegiance to the Saints. Which oughta make my friend Wordnerd pretty happy! No, seriously. I have always been a Saints fan. Made even more so of one by the arrival of my beloved Reggie Bush(USC,natch!). This year promises to be quite exciting. I am ready. I will be purchasing myself and the boys some t-shirts and we will be watching. And rooting.

Geaux Saints!


The thrill of victory…and the agony of defeat…

I am a very happy girl after this weekend. Except for two things. One of which pissed me off so badly I am considering sending a nasty letter to ABC/ESPN. Betches…

Sorry, back to the topic at hand. My beloved Trojans kicked some Washington butt on Saturday. I was delirious with joy. UNTIL…one of the aforementioned stations TOOK THE GAME OFF THE AIR IN THE THIRD QUARTER SO WE COULD WATCH FRICKIN IOWA AND WISCONSIN. IOWA AND WISCONSIN. CORN vs CHEESE. Apparently I am still a tiny bit upset. I just do not fathom why THE NUMBER 1 RANKED TEAM IN THE COUNTRY would have their game interrupted by THE NUMBER 9 RANKED TEAMS STUPID ASS GAME. Had that been any other team I promise you that would not have happened. Which also pisses me off. The fact that we don’t get taken seriously. Because we are in the Pac-10. Um, correct me if I am wrong- BUT AREN’T WE CONSISTENTLY WINNING GAMES/CHAMPIONSHIPS?

Then you can all bite me.

The agony of defeat would be the loss my Falcons suffered at the hands of the Carolina Panthers. It was an ugly match. DeAngelo Hall did not have a good day. There were more personal fouls in this game than I can ever remember seeing. And the Cowboys spanked the Bears. And pretty much made them their betch. It was sad.

The Braves won.

My boyfriend did not. But there is still Talladega and Atlanta. Two tracks that he has a pretty good history with. I’m not worried. Besides, there is always next year!!

And that wraps it up. We are experiencing massive Baby Drama at the moment.

Can I get an amen?

I cannot stand watching celebrities/athletes/public figures, getting into trouble and then- BAM! Heavenly father, please forgive me, I HAVE FOUND JESUS.

Um, okay. I don’t really think you are supposed to use religion like a get-out-of-jail-free card. It just really burns my ass. Just say you’re sorry, take your punishment and get on with your life. Please. I don’t need to hear about how wonderful your life has become since you accepted Jesus into it. Really? It wasn’t wonderful when you were making a gabillion dollars? It wasn’t wonderful when you were at the Oscar’s in a Galliano dress? It wasn’t wonderful when you got to go to the Superbowl, and stand on the sidelines?

Because all that stuff sounds pretty damn good to me. But, maybe that’s just me. Or? Maybe it is because I already know the presence of God in my life.

I STILL love me some football…

In spite of everything that is going on here, I still love football. I am deeply saddened by ALL of Michael Vick’s accusations. And, sickened. I don’t understand any of it. I find it unbelievably repugnant.

I realize that his football career is over. That sucks. He could have been such an amazing QB. We were SO excited when we signed him. And then? He failed to deliver. Year after year. We fired what could possibly be, in my girly opinion, one of the greatest head coaches our organization has ever had. In that same year, we also let go our ONLY chance for a decent quarterback. He is livin’ it up over at the Texan’s organization. Who can blame him?

This season will be hard, of that there is no doubt.

Let us hope that we can move past any negativity, and just play some ball.

I, for one, am MORE than ready!