Operation Knocked-Up…



Not only NO, but the germy beasts I do have, have infected me yet again.



edited to add: I am not pregnant. I am, however, currently experiencing The Mutha Of All Head Colds. Courtesy of my beloved eldest child and the germiest place in the whole wide world. You may know it as pre-K. Your sympathies are greatly appreciated. Now, if y’all will excuse me I am going to go drink a gallon of Nyquil.


The Downside To Pre-K…

All those germy, little beasts. Spreading their delicious little germs to everything and everyone. Germs! Galore! Germy-germ factory.

That’s right, the Nub has brought the Plague of Death to his poor Bubba and his beloved Mama. Although the beloved part is now in serious doubt… It is awful, truly awful. There is hacking and absolute rivers of neon green snot.Fevers and supreme grouchiness are the orders of the day.

And that’s just me. Ba-dum, dum-dum. Sorry, it cried out for me to do that.

Back to the sickness. Fortunately, we still have some of the cough medicine their Doctor prescribed the last time they were this sick.It’s good stuff. As for moi? I am taking OTC goodies by the truckload. I still feel like crap, but it’s more headachey than anything else. And my throat feels like someone has recently grated the hell out of it. Other than that? Good times.

And now I am off to the kitchen. The least germiest beast has woken up and is demanding cinnamon toast. Or there will be consequences.