God Save Me From Cranky Two Year Olds…

I don’t believe my youngest child woke up on the right side of the bed this morning. I can’t really be sure because I was on my way to work when the waking up part of this program took place. But I am here now. And let me just tell you that Captain Pissy is alive and well, and definitely in the building.

He also has not taken his afternoon nap. I completely blame my parent’s. They are way too permissive. Not that I am bitter, but, I was never allowed to do even an eighth of the things these two hellions,er darlings, do. Seriously. It makes me crazy. So now I have one child who is my sweet baboo, and another who is the devil incarnate. And I am spending another night at my parent’s house. What swell news.The power is supposed to be on in the morning.

I am so ready to be home in my own big ol’ bed. With a big,fat glass of wine. And some “Will & Grace”. My idea of heaven.



Lazy Whore…

You know it’s bad when you are spending more time on the computer than on unpacking your house. To be fair, I have already unpacked all the boys things.Their room was the first thing I set up. Yes, they are sharing a room. They seem to like it. Who I am to mess with happy bebe’s?

Our bedroom is looking pretty good. The spare bedroom is even okay. The living room looks rather swell, in my opinion. Even the kitchen isn’t half bad.

But the dining room? Is a whole ‘nother story. I have unpacked boxes like a Mo-Fo. My hands are permanently dried out from all the constant contact with cardboard. It is just plain awful. Just tell me to get off my ass already and finish unpacking- RIGHT NOW! I MEAN IT!

I need some sort of motivation. Help a girl out.

Time to come clean…

I have been avoiding this post for some time now. I couldn’t figure out how to say these simple words… We lost our house.

The foreclosure was final September 4th. We tried everything we could think of to save it, but nothing worked. We didn’t have enough equity to interest any investors and the mortage company’s idea of “help” was to reduce our payment by about forty dollars. And there was still a possibility we would have to pay them an additional three thousand dollars in November. So we let it go. My husband’s credit is ruined. We are still struggling financially. And yet, somehow? I know that we will figure out a way to survive. I am determined to survive. I will not let this break me.

It sounds so easy to say. It’s not. Sometimes I find myself repeating it over and over to myself. Like some ridiculous mantra. And as much as I would like to have a complete nervous breakdown, including curling up on the floor, naked, sucking my thumb, I can’t. Because The Aidan and Quinn need me. I have to keep it together. I also have to finish packing and find a house for us to rent. And if you think it was hard to write that first sentence you would be wrong. Nothing was more difficult than having to tell a real estate agent that she would find a foreclosure on your credit. And to have her look at you with a mixture of pity and something else I can’t even begin to name. Saying those words out loud to a complete stranger was so mortifying. I have never felt more like a failure in my life.

I realize we are one family among so very, very many. And that is sad. I also realize that we are very,very lucky. My husband and I are both healthy and able to work. I do surveys online, sell Southern Living at Home, and am hoping to get a job as a Cater-Waiter-Bartender for the holidays.I also work at a children’s resale store. We have two cars, one of which is paid for. We do not have credit card debt. We have always paid cash. We are not destitute by any means.We just hit a rough patch last fall when my husband lost his job. We never recovered. I am not doing this for sympathy or any reason, except for wanting to be truthful about my life.

We are almost caught up on our bills. Except for the medical bills. Which of course occured in the fall of last year and Mother’s Day. But other than that? We are okay. And I feel much better for having written about this. We have two houses we are trying to choose between. Both are in our price range and about a bajillion times better than where we live now. In the hell-hole,er house, we used to own.

I believe everything happens for a reason. I’m just not sure what this one is yet.

Captain Craptastic strikes again…

Sorry y’all, but this is gonna be a short one.

I didn’t get any sleep last night because someone tried to break in to my house. Fortunately, I was still awake. I called 911 and they sent a deputy out. He didn’t find anything, but promised to drive around for awhile. He was very calming.

Did I mention my husband is out of town?!

I have never been so scared in my entire life. I will explain it all in the am.
Right now I need to go to bed.