Bah… Part Deux…

Have I mentioned how annoyed I am by not having my computer in my own home? What’s that you say? Maybe once or twice?

Well then, since you claim it’s been awhile. Let us bitch about it now. I really HATE not having access to my own damn computer whenever I feel the urge. Which is quite a lot. I hate that my MySpace page is sad and forgotten. I hate the only way I can communicate with all my blog friends is by hurriedly reading their latest post and maybe, just maybe being able to leave a quick comment. But mostly not. I hate that I can’t pay bills when I want to. I hate that I can no longer spend naptime surfing the internets for new and fun things that I will spend far too much money and time on.

It just sucks. Please know if you are still reading my blog that it will get better soon. And I AM reading your blog. Just maybe not always commenting.

And I miss you all very much.

And I am keeping myself very entertained with really bad reality tv. Really bad. So bad I am almost embarassed to admit which shows(yes, plural!!) that I am actually watching. But I will give you a hint. One of them could be bad for your health….



I am sure many of you know about my love of crappy t.v. Or maybe not. I put it in my 100 things post. Crap, I don’t think I’ve done that yet. Note to self.

Anyhoo, on tonight’s episode of Rock of Love Bret FINALLY came to his senses and got rid of Lacey. SQEEEE! She had to be the most evil/bat-shit-crazy person I have seen in quite a while. We are talking like NEW YORK crazy. Yeah, scary stuff.

I know it is a cheesy show. I don’t care. I made the mistake of watching it one time. And was totally hooked. Sad, I know.

I am hoping he picks Jes. I love her hair. Plus she seems so rocker chic. I guess we will have to wait and see….