My husband is leaving for three weeks. We have spent the last two days preparing the boys for the fact that he is actually leaving. BTW? It sucks ass. They don’t know what that means. I do. It means that in about to or three days time I am going to have to explain that their Daddy is working out of town. And they can’t see him. Or play their “wacker game”, of which I am woefully ignorant. You know, being a girl, and all!

Please insert your violins…

I don’t even know why I am bitching about this.

Except, we are in the middle of moving. We are trying to sell our house.

And it is all going to fall on me.

And just dammit all to hell.

How in the fuck am I gonna pull this off? No, really how?

Suggestions, ladies? Now would be the time!

I have to pack(in my spare time?HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!), AND FIND A HOUSE(HAHAHAHAHAH!),AND work?

Did I mention that next week(hubby=still out of TOWN!!), my boss’ are going on their vacation?HAHAHAHAHAH?

Still fine, just a little fuh-reaked out.

Sense the hysteria?

Any ass-vice would be awesome.