Coffee Talk…

Being at my parent’s house has had one rather faboo perk, the coffee. My Mama and Diddy drink a ton of the sweet nectar. Ergo, so am I. Which ALSO means yummy creamer. Mmmm, flavored creamer… I don’t think there is anything better.

Seeing as how I am the only person in the hizzouse who actually USES said creamer I usually get to pick my own. I have some requirements for flavored creamer. First and absolutely foremost- no hazelnut. Ever. I despise hazelnut flavored creamer. Blechy. Which is rather bizarre, because I like hazelnut anything else. Weird, I know. I also do not like plain chocolate flavored creamer. Now if it’s White Chocolate Mudslide, well that is a whole ‘nother story!

My personal favorite would have to be Southern Butter Pecan. Mmmmmm. So good, so GOOD. I could drink it plain. Really. It is that amazing. I won’t. But I could.

I guess this means I am going to have to buy myself another coffee maker when we leave here. I enjoy my morning coffee. I stopped drinking it because my husband doesn’t care for coffee. He prefers tea. Freak.( Just joshin’, Bebe!) So I got out of the habit of having it in the morning. Which was crazy. As the mother of two children, you know I could use a little hit of caffeine in the AM. Who couldn’t?

Speaking of a little hit, I could use another cup. I will be back later with the winner of my Pay it Forward Contest.


Meme, Meme, Who Can I Turn To?

O-kaaaay. This has taken me half the morning to complete, but I feel QUITE triumphant now that I have! Jeebus.

I got this idea from the very lovely Wordnerd over at Jambalaya. One teeny,tiny thing. My questions are back-asswards. Sorry about that.

So here is what you do. Go to Flickr, sign up if you need to. Then enter the answers to these questions in the search engine. Tag your favorite photo and voila! I am going to give y’all the questions backwards, so you can see my answers to them. Enjoy!

1- What is your Flickr name?
2- Choose one word to describe yourself.
3- What do you love most in life?
4- What do you want to be when you grow up?
5- What is your favorite dessert?
6- Where is your dream vacation?
7- What is your favorite drink?
8- Who is your celebrity crush?
9- What is your favorite color?
10- Where did you go to high school?
11- What is your favorite food?
12- What is your first name?

Not Enough Hours In The Day…

I know, I have been horrible about posting lately. For many reasons. The biggest one being I don’t have my computer in my house anymore. It has become increasingly difficult for me to write while my parent’s are re-inacting their version of the Spanish Inquisition. I feel rushed. I don’t like being rushed. Plus, I also have to stop in the middle of what I am doing to chase after the boys. Which is ridiculous. And no matter how early I arrive, she always says “you should have come earlier if you wanted to get on the computer”. Which never fails to really piss me off. It’s my goddamn computer!

It’s just a lot of crap. I barely even have time to leave comments on all my friends blogs. Which also makes me feel like crap. I miss you guys. A lot. I’m not even sure when I will be able to get my computer back. As a matter of fact, I have decided to ask for a lap top for my birthday. It’s next month. Keep your fingers crossed.

I am more than ready to be back. I am trying to be positive, but it aint easy. Just know that I am thinking of all of you. And missing the hell out of you all.

Things I Have Learned Thus Far…

I borrowed this from Zoot. It just took me a little while to get it up!

*Sometimes it’s not all bad that you find yourself turning into your mother.

*And sometimes she can still make you madder than a wet hen.

*When things are tough, the person I want to comfort me is always my husband.

*Nothing beats the smell of little boys and sunshine.

*Potty training really IS the seventh circle of hell.

*Sometimes being on the same page is way overrated…most of the time I’m happy if we’re on the same chapter!

*Being a mama is the tough. And wonderful all at the same time. Did I mention tough?!

*Just how cool it is to see the wonders of the world through the eyes of your child.

*That sometimes the dishes really can wait, and so can the laundry, if it’s more fun to play a little game of Candyland instead.

*That I would love someone other than myself and my husband more than anything imaginable. And then some.

*Your family is always your family. Even when they irritate the crap out of you.

*You really do learn something new every day.

What about y’all? Any new tricks?

Still Watching Out For Cat Barp….

A few updates for mah peeps…

My friend M. is doing well. As well as to be expected. She has received a ton of wonderful things for her new home. She moves in on Tuesday. I am so happy for her. And still at the same time, I just ache for all that was lost. I will keep you all posted.

My hubby surprised me this weekend at work. He wasn’t supposed to be coming home until possibly next weekend(he has been gone for almost a month!). I was so upset. I cried for two days. It was horrible. Then, on Friday while I am at work, I turn around and there he was. I burst into tears and ran towards him. This would be a perfect time for some cheesy music. So, mah weekend has been a little busy. ;)!

The whole cat barp thing? Yeah, that is from my youngest. The cat left a small horked-up present for me in front of my door last week. I was in a rush to get out the door and hurriedly told the boys to “watch out for cat barf” and it has been madness ever since. Every time we enter/leave our domicile he has to tell everyone to “watch out for cat barp, Mama” in his little boy voice. It is so damn cute. Truly.

And that about wraps it up. See you peeps on the flip side.

Give Me Strength…

Two cranky toddlers+two short naps= one frustrated Mama.

Lord, give me strength. I have about another hour until bedtime. I am not really sure I can make it without pounding on one of their little heads. Or maybe both. At the same time. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

T-ball practice went fairly well. We have our first game on Saturday. We are however the only team who does NOT have our uniform. Seriously. We are supposed to be receiving them on Friday. Go Rockies!!

Anything new with y’all?

The One With All The Cheery-ness…

I am sick of my own gloom and doom lately. So let us coverse about cheery things. Fun things. Happy things. Mmkay?

Numero Uno-
The Aidan begins t-ball practice this week. Squeeeeee! We are doing the Upward program through our church. I am so jazzed. He is ready. He is so excited to be able to finally play baseball. I promise to post a picture of him in his uniform as soon as possible.

I have begun my drawing’s for my garden’s. To scale. Front and back yards. Yes, I am that anal. I love knowing exactly where everything is. I love to be able to refer to my drawing’s at any time. It is a sickness. Get over it. I am having to use my drawing’s because it is too damn cold here to do anything else. Which sucks. I am so ready to get out into my yard. I find gardening incredibly theraputic. Being unable to really do anything is quite frustrating. Sigh.

NASCAR has begun. My boyfriend has done okay. Well, not in California. But his new uniform is pretty hot. He is pretty hot. What was I talking about?!

The Aidan was telling me this morning that he would be going to haunted houses this Halloween. And in these haunted houses there would be “lot’s of boovy traps”. I am still laughing. Boovy traps. Where does the kid get this stuff?

See, I can be cheery. I haven’t forgotten how.

Don’t worry. I am fine. And I will be fine. I’m tough.

Ya gotta be tough when you’re dumb.

Sorry. It is a funny thing one of the men who used to work for my father would say. It has always made me laugh. I though it mught make y’all smile.