The Best Part of My Day…

My day did not start off so well this morning. I ended up having to drive my husband to work at the ungodly hour of six thirty. Bah. Work was work. Except towards the end. When this beeyotch made me get a frickity-frackin’ TRAVEL SYSTEM off the top shelf in the toy area. Because she wanted to look at it. Never mind that it weighed three million pounds. Or that I had to stand on a LADDER to get it. Oh hells no. Then, and here is the kicker, SHE DECIDES NOT TO GET IT. Wait for it. Because the cup holder on the top of the stroller was dirty.

Pissed does not even begin to cover just how angry I was. Still am. Monkeys will fly out of my ass before I lift one finger to ever help her again. Truly.

But the very best part of my day? Watching my boys “dance” to Louis Armstrong. And the rest of the songs on my dad’s Ken Burns Jazz CD set. They love it. They love all music really. It gives my father a kick to be able to share his love of music with my children.

Just like he did with me and my Bubba all those years ago.



My best friend wrote a blog on her myspace about how music and songs have affected her life. I know- MySpace. I have recently joined at the urging of one of my best friends from high school. Look Ma, I am cool! All jokes aside, I have actually met up with some friends that I haven’t spoken to in years. So laugh all you want. I do not care.

Back to the topic at hand. I grew up in a fairly musical family. I don’t ever remember a time where there wasn’t music of some sort. My father used to sing in a bluegrass band. Every Tuesday night. If we were lucky we would get to go and hear him sing. I will never forget hearing their friends, Clyde & Mary, sing “Turn the Radio On”. With Clyde playing the mandolin. She had the voice of an angel. I often wondered whatever happened to them. They were fairly old when I knew them as a little girl. I do know I always think of them every time someone tells me to “turn the radio on”.

There was always something on the radio. Or 8-track. Shut it. My mama liked Merle, The Oak Ridge Boys and just about everything in between. I think I knew all the words to the “Y’all Comeback Saloon” before I knew my own name. And it goes without saying that I knew all the words to just about any Merle Haggard song. My daddy was a little more broadminded in his musical scope. We grew up listening to Johnny Cash, Creedence Clearwater, Bob Seeger, The Sons of the Pioneers, and Brook Benton, to name a few.

The eclectic musical educatiion I was exposed to served me well. I love almost every type of music. With a special fondness for Merle and Creedence. As a matter of fact, the song I danced to with my father at my wedding was “The Farmer’s Daughter”. By Merle Haggard. It was a surprise for my diddy. It shook him so much he could barely dance with me. The songs of Merle Haggard have played a huge part of our lives. My parent’s song is ” That’s the Way Love Goes”. One of the best moments of my life, by far, was getting to actually watch them dance to this song. At a concert I bought them tickets for.

It just seems like for every milestone I have faced, there has been some sort of song to mark it. So I give you my list. And probably the short version.

Because, Jesus. We don’t have all damn day!

Salty Dog- Ricky Scaggs
Caroline- Merle Haggard
The Long Black Veil- Lefty Frizzell
Delia- Johnny Cash
At the Hop- Danny and the Juniors
King of the Road- Roger Miller
Blue Moon of Kentucky- Bill Monroe
Missing You- John Waite
Pretty much the entire Tapestry album- thanks, mama!
Joe Cocker.
Bob Seeger- who can choose!
Journey- see above.

And now? My adult stuff.

A Long December- Counting Crowes. Last December was the worst month of my life.
3 am- Our Lady Peace- Not thinking my diddy would make it, and wondering what the hell my bubba would do if that happened.

Drops of Jupiter- Train. The best years of my life. Pre-bebe, of course!
Redemption Song- Bob Marley. Rest in peace, my babe-a. I miss you.
Could You Be Loved- Bob Marley. Seeing my husband dancing around the room, softly singing this song to his newborn son at two in the morning. WHILE I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE SLEEPING!!

The list could go on and on and on. You get the idea. I think we have instilled our love of music in our children. For that I am grateful.

I just want it to be all that it has been for me over the years. The thing that no matter what, I could turn it on and lose myself. I could forget, if just for a moment, all of my troubles and cares.

Who doesn’t need that?