Apparently, there will not be any NaBloPoMo for me this year because I can’t get on the effing site. They changed it. And also my log in. Whatevs..

Things like that really irritate the crap outta me. Why do people feel compelled to change things that worked pefectly fine to begin with? The new site is VERY confusing and I do NOT like it, Sam I am. So we will just have to see if I feel like posting every day without the added incentive of cool swag.



To NaBloPoMo or Not to NaBloPoMo…..

That is indeed the question. I realize my blog has been sadly neglected these last few months. And I have missed it. For realz. It’s just…what if I run out of things to talk about?

Sigh. It’s kind of doubtful that would ever actually happen. Um hello? Mother of THREE chirrens here.

It’s crunch time. It starts tomorrow. Gah.