I can’t believe I forgot about this!

So my boyfriend announced his new number yesterday.


Which I more or less expected.

What I did NOT expect? That Bud would drop him like it’s hot. Wha? Instead, they chose Kasey Kahne as their new boy. BAH.

We have The National Guard and Mountaind Dew Amped.


I am happy about the number though. I hope he will be happier. And maybe have what it takes -support-wise- to win a championship next year.

Go Dale Jr.!!!!!


The end of an era…

I doubt any of y’all know this, but I am a NASCAR fan. You probably won’t care that much either! Tough. It’s my blog.

Dale Jr. is my pretend boyfriend.

I am super pissed that DEI(his bitch step-monster) will not let him take the number 8 with him when he goes to Hendricks Motor Sports next season. It was his grandpa’s number. He chose it specifically for that reason. I think it is petty and spiteful. I wish a pox upon her fat, greedy, spiteful head. And I hope he wins the championship. So there.

Couldn’t reach an agreement, my ass.