Our First Playdate, Update…

We had Aidan and Quinn’s first official playdate today. One of the girls I work with has two daughters who are the same age as the boys. Aidan will be in the same pre-K class as H. So we thought it would be a good idea to let them meet first so they would each know someone before school started in the fall. And I would like to point out that that was an incredibly difficult sentence to type without sobbing like a schoolgirl. But that can be a whole different post!

Back to the topic at hand. They had the most marvelous time. Another girl that we work with came and brought her seven month old son, B. We all realize that he is still a bit young to be playing with the other kids, but he had fun too! Plus, it was nice for all of us to get out and do something outside of work. It was kinda crazy because we ran into the husband of yet another co-worker, who was there with his brother and their children. That was just too funny. I kept looking for his wife- my other BFF, but she had gone to the store with their new baby girl, Kazooie Jinx. Which is not her real name. But the name I gave her when she was still in the womb. I’ll briefly explain. BFF already has three children. The girl’s names are all KJ names. So one day at work we grabbed a baby name book and started tossing around KJ names. And Kazooie Jinx was the best one we came up with. Well, Karma Joy was a very close second. So now I call the baby that. I may really need to get out more.

The point is we all had fun. And we are definitely going to do it again soon. With our husbands even. And a picnic. Doesn’t that sound like fun?