Books! Books! And More Books!

As I was sitting here trying to think about what I wanted to write about I happened to glance at my father’s bookcase. Now, to be fair, I should warn you that we are all book whore’s. Every single one of us. We have always been voracious readers. Nub and Dub are being brought up the same way.

But I digress. I was thinking that maybe we should have a new book to read for my Read This! Book Club. I have actually been thinking about that for the last few weeks. I just didn’t know WHICH book I wanted to suggest. Well, fear not, oh faithful readers. Have I got a book for you.

“The Last of the Mohicans” by James Fenimore Cooper. Believe it or not, I have NEVER read this book. I KNOW! I consider myself to be fairly well read. I read all the required reading back in high school way before anyone else. So you can just imagine my shock when I looked up and noticed that book and realized I had never read it. That is about to change.

Y’all let me know if anyone else is interested in joining me and then we can hammer out some sort of timeline for reading/discussing the book. If not? I’ll still be reading it. I am almost finished with the book I have now. I should be able to start it this weekend.


Read This! First Book Review…

A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole.

I’m sorry. I have spent two and a half weeks trying to read this book. Or at least finish the damn thing. I don’t like it. I find it annoying and very strange. I am also shocked that it won a Pulitzer. And slightly confused as to where all the “comedy” is? Wha? There is actual comedy in the book? Is it at the end? ‘Cause I am not getting to it anytime soon.

I am very disappointed with this book. It will be joining a very short list of books that I could not finish. Have still not finished. If you knew just how much I loved to read, you would understand why this pains me so.

1- The Secret Life of Bees- I am nowhere near finishing it.
2- She’s Come Undone- Yeah.
3- Quite a Year For Plums- One of the worst books I have ever attempted to read. Ever.

Let me know what y’all thought about it.

The First Evah Read This! Book Club update…

We are all bad. Some of us have not purchased the book yet. What? I already admitted to that. Some of us are only on the first chapter. Which is fine. Because she is still doing way better than me!

So, I am proposing a new date to have finished the book by. Also, it is obviously not too late to join our little club. We are reading “A Confederacy Of Dunces”. So feel free to jump on in.

That having been said, the new date is November 30,2007. Just so we are clear. Now if you all will excuse me I need to get crackalackin and go buy me a book.