Two Words…

Sick again.


Possibly again.

Back soon.

Unless dead.

Damn weather.


The Flu Of Death…

Or maybe I should have titled it “Grim Reaper Take Me Now”.


I felt fine allllll week.I woke up on Friday, excpecting to go about my day. And Blammo. The Flu of Death had struck. Not just me, but also my sweet bebe Aidan. Thank God Jimmy stayed home.

I won’t lie. It was bad. I can’t ever remember being that sick before. I had a fever for two days. I hallucinated monkeys. I am still a little shaky.

Aidan is fine. So is Quinn. Jimmy? Yeah, he is about a day behind me.

Pray none of you catches this.


I joined NaBloPoMo several weeks ago and have been kind of slacking in updating, or putting up mah widget.

But no longer! It stops today! HAH!

Too far?

I thought the concept was interesting. I have read several bloggers who have participated in years past and decided to join this year. Because I am all crazy-wild like that. So we’ll see how it goes. I think I have been pretty good about posting every day. For the most part. I am sure I can come up with plenty of things to post about. I have tons of stuff already. I just am usually too lazy to dig them out.

Now it looks like I will have the opportunity to finally do so.

Wish me luck!

And as a side note- I am feeling much better. The germy beasts, er, the boys were feeling fine TWO DAYS AGO! TWO. DAYS. Whilst I suffered. Ingrates.


Sorry I haven’t posted recently. My children have decided to wage germological warfare on their poor mama. I feel like death.

Right about now I would welcome it with open arms. Seriously. It is that bad. I won’t bore you with gross details.

Just send Nyquil. And maybe some comfy pants.